Somatic Performance in Vasnetsovs Museum Kirov, Russia

This is a contact dance performance held in an art space of Vasnetsovs Museum, Kirov, Russia. Kirov is my native town, it’s often called provincial as many people think nothing happens there, most in Russia don’t even know about Kirov existence. But there are a lot of talented artists performing in town. They are often the first to do something unique and original in Kirov. One may say it’s not a big deal to become original in a place where there isn’t much art. But it is. It’s easy to start surrounded by artists, and it’s hard to go on alone. Thankfully more and more people now are interested in self development and creativity, and thus we can enjoy these amazing pieces of Art!

This is a story how everything around us is connected.

Art Museum of Brothers Vasnetsovs , Google location

Lada Donskaya Andrey Prosvirin  Kirov
Dance Studio Nemaya Riba (Dump Fish) Kazan

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