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Creative Somatic PhotoSession

I’ve been deep in somatic practices for many years. Still in photography I’m much longer, so I mixed these two very creative processes and would be happy to share this unique experience with you. Anyone can try, even if you don’t understand at all what it is about))) Once you got interested, welcome to be involved! Let’s create with our body and soul and everything around us.

Here is an example of Arthouse photography and deep somatic practice. Together we feel the atmosphere around and our inner states. Both photographer and the model contribute equally. 

Who is the leader, our body or our mind? We try a possibility to be a unity inside us and communicate fully with the area around. Everything may give a sensitive experiance — the air, the light and shadows, the texture of materials surrounding us. While this artistic somatic shooting we investigate and enjoy new expirience given by the common things we live with day after day.

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Art Session