Photo Tour around Krabi

Some people prefer «all inclusive» rest. But there are some adventurers, who love travelling. They are not afraid of unknown places, language. They solve puzzles one by one and create their own trip. This is how Nat and Dim came to Thailand. They had two weeks holiday package, but decided not to spend all the time in one place. So they managed to see Pataya, Bangkok, travel by plane, bus and boat, relax on Phi Phi island and bike around Krabi province.

We bacame really good friends, cause it was fun and pleasure to shoot a story «One day in Thailand», true story without posing.
Welcome to watch guys’ One Day and welcome to Krabi ;-) Join our Krabi photo tours, we plan them individually for you and have fun together.

We also have originally planned photo tours to choose:

— fun quest kayaking, suits well with teen children
— taste-it-all night market tour
— cookery class and studying local market products
— DIY sea shell jewelery and driftwood art class
— try-every-beach and best snorkelling tour in Krabi area
— scooter driving class and moto tour around hidden local roads
— enduro motobiking
— buddist blessing ceremony
and a lot of other interesting projects coming soon *)) Please fill in the fork, when you come to Krabi, where you are going to stay, and you’d like us to organise for you. Be free in your wishes *))

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