DressCode for Seaside Photosession

The way you look during the photosession is half success, reaaly! If you feel comfortable, it suits you, the colours go well with each other and colours of surroundings, the photographer is free to create. Otherwise it takes much time and effort to hide inconsistencies and focus from one detail to another.

When you book any type of photo session, such as wedding, prewedding, family photo, individual look, we discuss everything in details:

— the style you want to have (ethnic looks the best hear, or street style, any specific trend of fashion, culture, whatever)

— within the style you choose, mind colours (solid, light colours, stripes and polka dot ) and materials that suit seaside photography better (lace, flowing fabrics, sharp silhouette, hats, mens braces etc)

— what is better to avoid (colourful floral patterns, shapeless dresses)

— the make up is good to be close to nude one, if you need a stylist we suggest you local ones

— hair is good to be loose, for wind to play with, it feels the photo with energy and atmosphere

— we could also provide you with local flowers garlands, ethnic hand-made decorations from local natural materials, that suit the surroundings best

If you prefer wedding syle gown, please have a look at ideas here «Wedding and Prewedding Seaside Style»

You are welcome to look at our style ideas board and write here in details what you’d prefer, you could provide us with pictures of your style so we could advise the places to make photosession to suit your style.

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